Our Family History

We are the original golf forging house of Himeji, through the decades many industry masters have honed their skills within our walls. We are Japan’s premier golf foundry.


Modern Innovation and design are important areas for any new brand. We are committed to growing our product offerings into a complete line up. Kyoei is proud to announce that it has partnered with a revolutionary new design team to help take our house label to the next level.

Kyoei MB Irons

Forged, hand ground, and finished in Ichikawa Japan the New Kyoei MB combines modern design with traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques. Our very first product released the KYOEI MB is a single piece soft forged blade featuring a specially ground 5 cut sole grind that helps all types of players make cleaner entry and exit of the turf. With semi traditional lofts the Kyoei MB appeals to the purist who appreciates feel, shape, size and workability.

Club Loft Lie Weight F.P. Bounce
#3 19 59.5 245 5.5 0
#4 22 60.0 252 5.5 0
#5 26 60.5 259 5.5 0
#6 30 61.0 266 5.5 B1
#7 34 61.5 273 5.5 B2
#8 38 62.0 280 5.5 B3
#9 42 62.5 287 6.0 B4
PW 46 63.0 295 6.0 B5
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