• Kyoei KK MB Iron

    The KK Series Blade is KYOEI’s flagship muscle back. The feel at impact is addictively soft thanks to S25C Japanese steel and a Kurozome black dye […]
  • Kyoei KK CB Iron

    The KK Series Cavity Back is designed with carefully positioned CG locations making it noticeably more forgiving and than our muscle back iron. The KK CB […]
  • Kyoei Prototype MB Iron

    The Prototype Series Muscle Back Iron features a sole grind that has extra leading and trailing edge relief. This allows the golfer to manipulate shots easier […]
  • Kyoei Prototype CB Iron

    The Prototype Series Cavity Back Iron blends forgiveness with a compact setup at address. It’s killed lead, and trail edge grind promotes almost blade like workability […]